Bent and Light Singapore

2018 Pinnacle Awards

Inspired by the underwater world in the story of Finding Nemo and born from a desire to break the perception that marble is rigid and heavy, MM Galleri acted on these ideas and had the “Bent and Light” project created as their stone showroom.

This new bent marble technology was not only applied to the showroom’s floor, wall, and ceilings, it also forms the creation of furniture pieces, such as a bar counter, spiral shaped table, benches, and more that maximizes marble’s flexibility and versality.

Bent and light utilized a proprietary process for reinforcing thin slices of marble with fiberglass to aid flexibility to recreate the underwater experiences depicted in the movie. Bent marble imitates the shapes of those environments including a garden with corals, jellyfish, and other underwater life. Decorative lighting is also a critical part of the design.