Peter S. Tjioe
Creative Director

Founder of MM Galleri Group and current Creative Director of MM Galleri Group. From a small office selling marble tiles in 1992, his business grows into multi-million-dollar corporate group.

MM Galleri Group present in various location throughout Indonesia and Singapore. His business covers quarry, fabrication of slabs & tiles, manufacturing furniture from rattan and stone, project installation, and stone chemical treatment.

Experienced with national and international project from housing to buildings, he has knowledge on stone application to its characteristic and treatment. Numerous Contractors, Architects, Interior Designers and Project Owners trusted his advice on their project.

After his constant attempts and explorations on stone characteristic, he is capable to make stone ultra-thin, but also bend and curve stone to fit many designs. From then, he is known as the pioneer of world's first bended marble technology and one of the first innovator for thin marble technology.